Raja Bakor 23, Titiwangsa

Sandwiched with nearly 140-gram Kumamoto wagyu steak, Raja Bakor 23’s flagship burger clocks in some RM120, certainly making it costliest burger in Titiwangsa.

The emphatically marbled Japanese-bred beef the island of Kyushu offers firm bite and luscious, full-flavoured chew – it would fare best without being in burger, but the friendly crew here cooks it capably.

These luxe burgers start at RM88 for 100 grams of beef, stuffed in Raja Bakor custom-baked buns with torched cheese and sriracha sauce. An interesting choice if you want to sink your teeth in pure beef, not processed patties.

If your budget is tighter you still crave a bovine dose of decadence, try the RM48 Australian wagyu burger, a very decent compromise that still affords a 125-gram patty that’s thick and tender enough to triumphantly sink your teeth into. Bonus points for preparation the beef, scoring well for prime-level juiciness.

Finally, for an everyday burger, Raja Bakor’s spicy burger with green chilli sauce, wasabi mayo and provolone cheese (RM15) is worth while the neighbourhood and considering a suppertime burger, crafted with little more love and care the conventional KL burger stand.

Credit: Eatdrinkkl

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